10 Golden Rules of Bargaining

I covered golden rules of bargaining / haggling in a pragmatic outsourcing post Offshore Negotiations and Rules of Haggling. The post got some traction and later on I decided to use the topic for a discussion with my team in the office. At the same time I wanted to illustrate an approach to building higher impact presentations. The approach know as Presentations 2.0 is becoming increasingly popular and is widely promoted by SlideShare. From my standpoint 2.0 approach has its limitations an as any approach has its sweet spot and its areas on mismatch. Many presentations should never be done / delivered in that way, some can benefit from it immensely. That’s a longer discussion though.

For now let me just share with you the presentation that I build out of a single slide in a deck I used for negotiations training. I have to tell you considering that I knew the topic, had it’s all written up 8.5 hrs of labor it took me to put together the slides sounds quite excessive. I hope that you like the slides though and thus it was the time well spent.


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